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Redwings Consulting brings a fresh new, ‘hands on’ approach to creating strong value-led business relationships in marketplaces across the Middle East.

What makes Redwings different from larger organisations heavily driven by costly and over complicated processes, is that we believe the first step in any business relationship is to create trust on both sides. Our aim is to form strong partnerships between organisations seeking to market their brands to new customers, and businesses needing to source high quality products or services.

Strong processes are of course essential to delivering a desired outcome – however they can be simplified and streamlined to ensure key milestones are met rather than missed. Redwings prides itself on having a proven rigorous, methodology with an ‘entrepreneurial spark’ that gets results without making the job of doing business complicated.

Our small size means that we are able to be highly flexible, agile and tactical, whilst at the same time provide strategic thought and insight to deliver the objectives we are set.

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